new decade

woke up with a headache to the new decade
double aspirin fizzed out in my glass
through the blurred vision the mess that has piled up on my doormat
dimmed the carnage of a chaotic memory failing fast

yeah this time it’s going to be different we swear
as if we can just flick a switch in our heads to new me mode
approach the future with a smile a grin and a hug
the psychology might be a myth but still the party was legendary

which gifts for a man who has it all?
it’s mine anyway to taste touch and feel
a sprinkle of magic dust blown out of my palm
lost in the breeze settled on the snow scattered for eternity

out of such dreams are born the seeds of imagination
run riot with the designs spray can vocal cord and fingertips
play your next game as if it shall be your last
live your every waking hour as if you’ll never sleep

variety is the spice of night
salt is the earth of the day
water is the blood of the planet
sweet love is the loathe of all evil

twenty twenty vision sees the decade in ten years time
clear as a crystal ball coated in thickest jungle mud
it’s solely in your hands in my hands in our hands
tear up your plans while I tear up my plans


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Filed under Philosophy, Poetry

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