England expects..

World Cup Draw tonight for South Africa 2010

There will be a follow-up on this but hopefully we’ll meet France in the group stages and knock them out: then QF Portugal (on pens),  SF Argentina & Final Germany 4-0.

No handballs, no hooliganism, but lots of fun & exciting football…



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5 responses to “England expects..

  1. It’s USA, Algeria & Slovenia..

  2. blissbait

    Lord. I don’t have a sports bone in my body…but I wish You and Everyone GREAT games. And if that picture in Your header is where they’ll be playing….ah! Very grand! Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Blissbait,

      The stadium in my header is that of my team Hull City A.F.C. (in East Yorkshire, UK). It’s pretty new and holds 25,000. Hull play in the English Premier League and are nicknamed ‘The Tigers’ hence my pseudo. The World Cup is in S Africa next summer and it’s for nations. Ciao!

  3. bouzouki

    Might as well start here as any place. Since you responded to my insanity, I decided to check out yours. I liked sick, ’cause I have felt that , and I am dealing with the results, still. The pints in a pub could almost be sung here, I have a friend/brewer that makes a good beer. I am feeling old, because I am not young, helping a friend build his house. He is a soccer fan, to the point of going to Germany to see the world cup games, and watching games that I can not get on TV. We used to play in an adult over thirty league, until I quit because I broke a leg. I had to take a month off from work. My friend played goal and lost his front teeth. i am too lazy to work a blog, after a day breathing sawdust, so I just wander , but I usually hang with Ichabod, come and say Hello, again.

  4. Hi Bouzouki,

    There’s a lot to be said for beer and football.. although the latter should come first and the former frothy.. the sweat of pitch battle followed by a cold liquid prize.. I love playing on fridays especially to thrash out the working week from my body.. a sporting exorcism if you please..

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