I’m sick
sick of work and sick of play
sick of night and sick of day
sick of moaning at the government
sick of dog muck on the pavement

sick of cars and sick of planes
sick of wind and sick of rain
sick of watching boring movies
sick of sickly yoghurt smoothies

sick to death and sick of life
sick of husband sick of wife
sick of prices, costs and tax
sick of sugar-coated snacks

sick to the back teeth sick down my front
sick from breakfast sick from lunch
sick of bacon sick of eggs
sick of sediment sick of dregs

sick of europe sick of asia
sick of wars and euthanasia
sick of hanging sick of gas
sick of fail, re-sit and pass

sick of feeling sick of pain
sick of loss and sick of gain
sick forever sick for now
sick of computers sick of plough

sick of talking sick of listening
sick of flashy earrings glistening
sick of old and sick of young
sick of tasting it on my tongue

sick of war and sick of peace
sick of parasites sick of fleas
sick of fags and sick of booze
sick of sick upon my shoes

sick of strangers sick of neighbours
sick of managers sick of labourers
sick of kisses sick of hugs
sick so sick I need more drugs



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11 responses to “Sick

  1. This is fantastic!! Did you write it?!

    • Hi, yes wrote it just now.. you didn’t waste much time getting here.. I was inspired by a)being off work ‘sick’ and b) a great punk poet John Cooper Clark, check him out on youtube – fantastic. thanx for reading..

  2. derya neesam

    cool, nice try…

  3. This was awesome… raw… real… me likey. 🙂

  4. ichabod

    hi tigercity;

    I can identify with your words, hope they don’t make me sick 🙂

  5. “sick of kisses sick of hugs”…NEVER !

    • Hi Colleen,

      was feeling nihilistic when I penned this in a blur .. perhaps “sick of viruses sick of bugs” but I won’t change anything now, it stands cos it represents the feeling at the time of writing.

      • Tiger city, I understand…I do ! It’s from the depths of despair that we’re challenged to seek the Light, so I guess we have to be grateful for all emotions. I can certainly empathise the “blur” and just wanting to switch off from all contact to delve into a place of deep solititude. Thank YOU for sharing 🙂

  6. blissbait

    OH!!! LOVING this BIG TIME! Sickeningly brilliant, Mon Ami! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

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