Another pint please

Know it’s been a hard week when you wander in
Greet the same old faces with a nod or just a grin
Clock upon the wall reads quarter to nine
Neck a jar of gravy and you’re feeling fine
Spot the natives from a mile off with their glasses of wine
Haven from the cold blown wind outside
Exodus from the mind-numbing rollercoaster ride
Done our nine-to-five

So we ask with ease
Another pint please

Lenny’s had a run in with the neighbours again
Julie’s whinging on about her boring friends
Dave’s a twenny-a-day man shuffled off to smoke
Lee’s a one-line silent type but a decent bloke
Forest on the table cos the bar-staff are a joke
Soggy beer mats soak sadly in the overflow
Won’t be getting shaved tomorrow let my beard grow
It’s the look you know

So I ask with ease
Another pint please

Some say men don’t gossip that’s a load of crap
Especially when we’re oiled and the drink’s on tap
We’re ripped off night and day couldn’t tell you a lie
Grafting ’til the hearse comes yet we’ll never cry
At most other times wouldn’t be seen dead in a tie
We’re all fools for licking up to the business class
They don’t know how it is to be short of brass
Over the barrel en masse

Fuck ’em we all agree
Another pint please


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