The fever

When I’m ill, which is rare, I find that I experience the most lucid dreams… and some could border on nightmares..  prompting the nocturnal visit of that galloping black stallion to the semi-conscious mind.

The first which took place on Saturday night was brief but memorable. I can’t have been under for long when I became aware of a small creature  jump onto the bed behind my head and the pillow. It pattered around and sniffed a little the way a cat would. When I came to I reached out and turned on the bedside lamp to check for its existence. There was no feline presence and all windows and doors were shut.

On Sunday in my dream, I had to find shelter for the night  and was wandering through the city suburbs. There were some students out in the park. I jumped the fence into the grounds of a large old  building. Immediately I was noticed by a young lad of whom I enquired if he was a student too, he said he was a security guard. He then exited the scene, possibly on his rounds and so I approached the building. The main door was open and inside was one of my friends. My friend said I could sleep on the floor of his room but disappeared out of sight in the dark so I was left alone.

I became aware of dormitories and the voices of what seemed to be nurses or carers. The people in the beds were sick. But I needed to sleep a few hours so I found an empty bed in a large hall amongst other occupied beds and found it was more like a white linen covered bench than a bed. I heard the movement of what I supposed was staff in an adjacent room so quickly turned out the three lamps around the bench and settled down. I hoped they wouldn’t suspect my presence as I wasn’t a guest really or a resident.

However shortly afterwards, the door of the dormitory creaked open and in the dark I heard footsteps. They must have sniffed me out because the next feeling that gripped me was a frightening numbness. I couldn’t move and felt completely immobile. I feared they’d suffocated me with a blanket or injected me with anaesthetic. Fortunately I woke up in my own bed and drenched with perspiration. It must have been the painkillers having the effect.

At least I had escaped the asylum.



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2 responses to “The fever

  1. Great dream, thanks for sharing it. It reminds me of the dreams I have where I’m trying to find my way home and I just get more and more lost.

    • Hi Jim, never had that one exactly but the earliest one I recall from childhood was when I was in Australia (in the dream for some reason.. never been really) and I got lost in the outback and ended up in a barn full of grain on a farm. The last I remember of it was struggling and wading around in the grain.

      This dreams thread is a new idea and I’m going to endevour to put them all on here as and when they arrive. I believe it’s an aspect of life we can all relate to.

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