Miles away

Miles away
dreaming of a brighter day
but the brighter day won’t come
still I’m imagining the blazing sun
tell me it doesn’t get any better than this

As I recalled a tenderness in our embrace
and it meant something then
certain it would hold true for evermore
they say time is an illusion
tell me a kiss of pure glory remains sacred

If I stumble on grasping snippets of emotions
stick them all side by side in my scrapbook
when I shut the album perhaps they’ll all interweave
and become a tapestry seeped in my memories
tell me I’m being ridiculous

Closer now
oh what twisted tricks the mind plays on the innocent idler
although I’d never claim to be a true romantic
as one day it’ll all melt away into slush
as hard as I try to keep both feet on the ground
tell me the ballast shall hold me down



Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Miles away

  1. ichabod

    Hi tigercity;

    For a person who does not claim to be a romantic, your poem is romance. 🙂

    I enjoyed it. Thanks 🙂

  2. It looks like you are a true specialist. Did ya study about the issue? hehe

    • Hi NeabgregoNet,

      study the issue? inadvertently.. as life is what unfolds along the way and I’m no romantic specialist, pretty poor on the subject to be honest.. well in my opinion anyway.

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