Don’t know where I’m going

haven’t got a clue

drifting all these years now

tired of breaking through

this never ending circle

keeps bending out of sight

a punch felt in the ribcage

in the middle of the night


There’s only one can save me

I’ve known it all along

still  keep on hypothesising

through the haven of these songs

inaction breeds confusion

avoidance of the truth

yet I fool myself insisting

I’ve a fountain full of youth



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4 responses to “Delusions

  1. blissbait

    they say time’s a myth
    your fountain of youth rings true
    sparkling fresh always

    Thank You for Your lovely poem.


    • tigercity


      Time is oh so real, we are but a blink of an eye in history.. and I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to fearing the ageing process.. but I guess when we look at ourselves in the mirror we don’t see a big difference over the years, our voices don’t change too much either.. if I could only be as young as I feel, then I’d go on and on until mother nature decided enough was enough and stepped in with some cunning alternative ending.. Can’t see myself getting tired of life.

  2. Curious…the line “there’s only one can save me”…are you referring to Self ? Otherwise, yes I concur, the journey towards self-discovery IS confusing ! How life clouds the true intent of the soul in emabarking upon this earthly journey.

    • tigercity

      Ermmm… well that’s the crux of the matter Colleen.. I can see how that could be read both ways; either intepreted as a person (myself, another perhaps..) or a higher being.. It depends on your theological standpoint perhaps but personally at this point in time, I’m only discussing human love.. it’s the only love that touches me.

      Does the soul exist as a seperate entity? Does it die with the body? I have no idea.. I only believe in here and now and what I feel is immediate.

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