Inversion of the overhang

Here I am again

in the same old place

wasting time that I can’t buy a refill for

tap tap tapping away

frantic explosion of ideas

in bursts

and then drowsy introspection washes over


while I drift subconsciously

onto the mid plane

where deserted thoughts wander through olive groves

under the boughs a lone fiddler

eyes hidden beneath low brim

spins his melancholic epic

slipping back through the window

that exists in the mind

aroused by perception

but the tune left behind

neither fair maiden nor young kitten we find

neither narrator nor guru divine

jolt me from falling still deeper inside

still over yonder music drums

though its rhythm distracts my flow

my veins hum

pumping poison from the night before

dim recollections of the morning after

inane jokes and raucous laughter

simple minds and jealousies

lazy students busy bees

sending offs and penalties

know it alls you do my head in

great at Knebworth better at Reading

sold out washed out

punch up thrown out

first impressions then last orders

supercharged all through the night

those geniuses are none too bright

clueless sheep scurry hither and thither

up hill and down dale

choco tanned and ghostly pale

red bull fuelled or porridge slop sluggish

don’t understand the lingo of wannabees

empathize totally with myself and my soliloquy

yet miles apart from across the river

observations on the merry go round concur

that I’m better off here



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Inversion of the overhang

  1. blissbait

    here there spewing words
    painting lightning fast pictures
    strong images pass

    Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy!

    • Beverlonian

      Thanx.. for popping in and I’m pleased you enjoyed it.. it’s my reflection on Sunday afternoon of Saturday night.. the energy then the lull but starting with the lull and looking back on the energy.

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