Drink me!

Something is brewing
you can sniff it in the air
someone is stirring
springs squeak their complaints
muffled shuffle of slippered feet
ancient hollows
blackened alcoves
palpable fear replete

Something is awaking
you can feel it in your bones
someone is approaching
palpable contraction of intestines
pangs like hunger
tormented imagination
imminent destiny convenes

Somewhere it’s happening
you can sense it through your glands
someone is encroaching
unfamiliar footwear on the tiles
hushed breath exhaled
maddening silence
galloping blood-vessels

suspense for eternity
annul all reality
rushing here and reeling there
fleeing down cascading stairs
blazing trail leads on forever
crashing leaves
tempestuous weather
screaming temples
scratches grazes cuts torn muscles

you weren’t dreaming
in slow motion
you’ve been sipping
brewers’ potion


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