the mad merry-go-round

someone heard a whisper
lost amidst the chaos
that we know as early morning call
daily rising crescendo
blast of alarm unclenched
mundane routine excitement
hustle bustle rustle rustle
wash clean floss brush lotion squirt out
nothing that’s not normal
always habitual always breakfast
aways bye-byes always traffic
morning glory horror story
riot police in student uprising
turn it over elevator music
can’t hack a rap beat
can’t itch an undertone
must keep to the schedule
dilly dally frilly folly
knock knock ring ring
coffee break quick nico intake
behind the desk on track for deadline
lowering costs but growing waistline
got to move up removing downtime
march to drumbeat boss is fuming
secretary no more personal assistant
quintessential haircut nail varnish
can I help you? milk two sugars
in a meeting out with others
back for lunch out to dry
tied up loose ends nine to five
crazy end of month disaster
falling sales and rising laughter
mental home I see you clear now
save me from the loony treadmill
anti freeze and anti depressant
sleeping pills and waking sweats
broken dreams and aching necks
making bucks and writing obituaries
love to stay alas car’s waiting
taxi home kids irritating
dinner’s burnt and babysitter texting
“f***ing people no respect now”
boyfriend’s mad and so is baby
won’t miss the weekend sleeping primetime
welcome to the hell on earth rhyme



Filed under daily, Money, Philosophy, Poetry

3 responses to “the mad merry-go-round

  1. ruby

    Great poem – I can feel the rush of life and the exhaustion as I read.

  2. Beverlonian

    cheers ruby,

    but wow! I’ve only just published it… don’t think I’ve ever had such a quick response.. glad you get my drift though cos what you say you felt is what I tried to convey…

  3. Hi tigercity, what an ‘ode’ to the insanity of modern life in the business world–so it seems. hell on earth is right. Everyone ‘hates’ it and yet–they remain within its clutches.

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