far out to sea

To drown in a sea of pure unbridled joy
Better surely than a limp sailed vessel

To splash and thrash the tumbling waves
You’re in over your head and downwards

To wake up drenched in perspiration
Pondering the nature of reality
Resistance just futility
Hang head in mock humility
Lay at the feet of liberty



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5 responses to “far out to sea

  1. ichabod

    Hi Tigercity;

    Love the poetry. You have a way with the words and rhyme. Don’t get lost in twitterland as you have fans in blog land.:)

    Just stopped in to say hey as I’ve been busy the last week. 🙂

  2. a sea of unbridled joy better than being marooned–
    —Heck yes, I’d rather drown in joy than die slowly stranded in nowhere land—what cose ‘liberty’?

  3. Oh I’m hearing you Tigercity ! All the way from the land down under ….No need for fog-horns here ! I’ve sent my flare up to the universe in hope that my “limp sailed vessel” is spotted in the distance…but alas, no sign of rescue on the horizon…

    • Beverlonian

      They say patience is a virtue.. I say full steam ahead.. batten down the hatches.. tie yourself to the mast..let go the tiller.. free the spinaker.. fly your colours high..

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