A site for sore eyes

Now I’ve thrown my hat into the proverbial ring and jumped on the hip cyberspace ‘bandwaggonesque’ craze that is Twitter, I’m wondering if I’ll have any time leftover for my other internet based pastimes.

It shouldn’t make too much difference as the beauty of the concept is that it’s a ‘micro-blog’ so you don’t need to dedicate much time to it, a couple of lines will suffice.

I had pledged that I wouldn’t indulge myself on what I had originally supposed to be a folly of a website, but alas, I couldn’t resist the temptation.  There are certainly a lot of celebrities on there and a few of them seem to cough up quite a few lines per day.

That’s nothing to snort at considering they shouldn’t have much time to kill between filming, writing lyrics and scoring goals.

One gets the feeling that there is a ‘groupie’ undercurrent to the whole masquerade with thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the latest tit-bits from their heroes and heroines.

So I’ve got an idea to make more money.. set up a rival site called ‘Stalker’ where you select people to follow without them knowing , send them anonymous messages and design your own ‘basement vigil’ page with candles, photos and snapshots your victims’ underwear and so on.

So it looks like I’ll have to kick Facebook into touch, just don’t get the buzz anymore.. we’re out of love.  Anyhow now I’ve found all my friends, played a few games and quizzes I’m bored of it. I find where it falls down is failing to offer sufficient creative avenues to get the juices flowing.

A final note – there are no pics or photos on my blog here – and there never will be. They’re not necessary when I am able to paint  them with a thousand words instead…



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6 responses to “A site for sore eyes

  1. Hi tigercity, I hear you about Facebook–the ‘good’ people I know who have ventured into te face’s waters have all warned me far far away from such trival pursuits. And far far away have I stayed—and instead I deal in blogland for the very reason you cite–a creative venue for making connections of all sorts. It also offers a marketing testing ground for creative work–and it’s nice to put a blog site address in a query and write–“If you’re interested just go read it.”–no postage, less rejection headache pain, etc–. I doubt you really think those ‘stars’ write their own facebook copy–someone gets paid a pretty penny for that drivel.
    So, WAVES~~~~~ to you.
    Oh–I do have artwork and photos on my site–but that’s because they’re mine (except for a photo my daughter snapped of some trees that I like and she doesn’t for some reason).
    -shanti om

  2. Beverlonian

    The actor Stephen Fry definitely tweets on Twitter though, he even chatted to the BBC about how much he loves it during a recent interview.

  3. Beverlonian

    Beverlonian is in fact me, Tigercity.. I too tweet these days being as I am partial to a little birdsong.. you might even say that if I don’t hit the sack soon I’ll be taking part in the dawn chorus! It came to my attention that there is a rock band called tigercity from Brooklyn, USA and so I don’t want to be confused with them. Wherever you look these days online there’s another you, an alter ego or a namesake to ruffle your feathers.

    • are your feathers a ruffling?

      How does one ruffle a tiger’s featthers, me wonders as the night deepens…yeah, not close to birdsong but I’ve been there often.

      Brooklyn–I wonder about that place…

      birdsong to you

      • Beverlonian

        If I had feathers, I’d preen
        If I had fur, I wouldn’t need a winter coat
        If I could sing like a lark or hunt like a tiger
        I wouldn’t be me yet I couldn’t choose either…

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