Je suis back

It’s an early rentré (back to work) for me after 3 weeks hols in Turkey & Dordogne. The cool blue waters of the Agean and the rich green foliage of France Profond are déja but a thing of the past.

There will be the usual culture shock of having to remember what it is I do exactly to earn a crust and then patch up my personal presentation in a vague effort to appear worthy of employment.

There doesn’t seem much to keep me busy this week which suits me fine, extra-curricular activities shall be pencilled in henceforth.

Much of it is filling in for absent colleagues, so there will be people I don’t know meaning the hard learnt gift-of-the-gab comes into play on a daily basis. Also it being hot, no-one will be too motivated, therefore casual chit-chat and the odd semi-serious grammar point will constitute the plat principal (dish of the day).

Well, I’ll catch some shut-eye in a tad, having arrived home from the 6 hour car drive from deepest rural France, the plants have been watered and items put away in drawers, the post has been torn open and my anti-virus software re-registered for another year… what you may call a vast array of tasks… get the criptic clue there? 

So without further ado, it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him.


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