Super Salad Dressing

Done my home-made salad dressing again this evening and I was so chuffed wiv it that I just had to share it’s magical secrets with the world.. it could change your life…

Well I think so anyhow.. very simple effort this to kick-off my culinary tips special series (yeah right) but I’ve just had a bowl of mache (dark green salad type stuff – can’t remember the English word for it) and feel all healthy after it.. to be honest I’ve never been the ‘let’s eat salad’ type, I’m a banana fan.. I know salad is good for ya but it’s not very appealing is it? Well now I’m converted, knowing that preparing this is dead easy if you have the ingredients in stock.

So now it’s high time you gave up on the bottled calorie-packed salad dressings like thousand-island and it’s compatriots and switched to the tigercity slammer…(patent-pending there me thinks..)

So here’s the plan…

1. Take your salad out and wash it. Chuck it int bowl..

2. Make the dressing. You’ll need a small mixing bowl unt a garlic crusher..

3. Whack the following ingredients in the bowl..

Olive Oil (a few spoons worth)
Malt vinegar (splash of..)
Honey (the runny sort – couple of teaspoons)
Mustard (Dijon of course… a nice jolly splodge)
Lemon juice (from a real yellow lemon, squeezed)
Garlic (2 pods, crushed)
Mint (sprinkle a little in the mix, fresh or dried whatever..)

4. Tip the groovy dressing over the unsuspecting salad and ooze it around so it reaches all the parts..

5. Scoff (that’s manger in French)
et voila! (that’s French too..) you can rest assured that there ain’t no sneaky e-numbers, whizz, additives or preservatives in this little baby.. and if you’re really a ‘do it from scratch’ bod then make the vinegar ya sen (vous-meme in French) by not throwing away undrunk red wine after a party (don’t usually have any left over myself..) and keeping it a few weeks in a cool place to evolve itself..

If anyone wants to feedback on my recipe or even dare to suggest improvements then I’ll delete your comments before you can say Fuzzy Duck… believing you can better my dressing is evidently delusionary….



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4 responses to “Super Salad Dressing

  1. Phil Newman

    what about adding a dash of brandy, a couple of raw chillies and a sardine? No,on second thoughts, better off without. Sounds good as it is. Fuzzy duck! There you go – said it!

  2. tigercity

    where’s ‘delete’ gone?… sardines, chillies & brandy in the same recipe I ask you! .. the guests won’t notice, they’ll think it’s art-cuisine… even to have considered that.. I mean Delia Smith & Gordon Ramsey won’t be losing much sleep.. Does Jamie Oliver ever suggest curry flavoured chocolate sponge cake? …Fuzzy Duck…!

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