Playlist of my life (so far)

It’s fun and brings back memories to remember what you were into music-wise at various stages in your life. By doing this you hark back to events and people who were around at the time..

Without listing absolutely everything I’ll kick off the list and maybe add to it if other artists/songs crop up in the fading memory later on..

1970s (early childhood)

My mother used to have Abba, Boney M, Brotherhood of Man on the tape player while we were at home. Hence I tend to remember all the Andersson/Ulvaeus lyrics sans problè

early ’80s (primary school)

We thought the Beatles were the thing and later added Madness as a fave. I recall Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ as been a major track at school. I vaguely remember Spike Jones in Leven Primary sporting a skinhead style. There was talk of Mods and Rockers around too.

mid-’80s (secondary school)

Wham! were huge, while my ‘lil sis was lapping up awful boy-bands like New Kids on the fucking Block,  from Hull Trinity House  School I recall ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe, loved Belinda Carlisle (for obvious reasons), got into Queen of course and Dire Straits big time.. Bought the Status Quo cassettes too and remember hearing The Housemartins’ ‘Caravan of Love’ for the first time through my neighbour’s bedroom wall..

late-’80s (Sixth Form)

I’ll put my hand up and admit I loved Erasure, Deacon Blue, INXS.. very ‘pop’ period.. until.. I was introduced in 1988 to the magnificent album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ by Guns & Roses; can’t label myself a rocker but it was sublime..

1990-93 (University of Derby)

Think my musical tastes developed for the better, in came REM, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Milltown Brothers, The La’s.. indie rock was the buzz. Saw The Real People in Derby and they’re still one of my favourites.. later on got well into Suede.. Special mention must go to Nirvana especially ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ which was indeed revolutionary. Never seen dancefloors tranformed in such a way.. Oh and The Doors mainly due to the film which came out in 1991 but which hasn’t faded..

1993-95 (University of Humberside)

Britpop innit! Oasis and Blur. Mine was the former….’I live my life in the city and there’s no easy way out…’ nuff said. Don’t really know how it happened but I discovered The Grateful Dead at this point and bought many of their albums..

When I spent some time in the USA in ’93 I was into Paul Simon.. think ‘America’ had a bearing on that..

late 90s (travelling)

Still Oasis, Charlatans, still The Roses.. also discovered the Woodstock generation, the movie and pretty much fell for all the artists who played there. West Coast Rock was my truc.. Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills & Nash…

1997+ (lived in Turkey)

I saw Turkish musical legend Baris Manco live before he died and also Sertap Erener. Radiohead arrived especially ‘OK Computer’… amazing.

2000s (moved to France in 2003)

When I first discovered The Libertines I thought they had it, sadly not to last long. More recently Ian Brown’s own stuff, Kasabian & The Arctic Monkeys often find themselves on the CD player..

This year I’ve been to see gigs by The Buzzcocks here in Lyon – still got the energy – and Oasis at Vienne… finally seen them live and it was a blast..


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