Alone in a shimmering sea of pearls
gazing upon a treasure
which surrounds you
but is out of reach

Distant voices act as a guide
and they condemn your every move
there is to be no winner in this maelstrom
eternal loss shall prove

This is a heavy toll
and freedom stumbles through the door
wounded, fleeing and barely alive
bearing a dream locked deep inside

We rise and raise our fists in rage
and words, they seem to fail
the crucial moments linger long
when we’re begging for some bail

These times demand some inner peace
a fortress in the hour of need
comfort is quietly seeping through me
upon pagan blessings I gently bleed

Israel 1996,  After racking my brains, I do believe I was writing here about getting steadily drunk in order to dampen my disappointment of  losing out on a girl!


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