In Limbo

In limbo
just waiting
just waiting
daring not to consider
any presumptions
on this knife-edge
if I slip
I shall be sliced apart

Time stands still
and the only thrill
is an hour survived

Where are you?
Can you hear me?
tell me
tell me anything
old news or new news
any news is welcome news
news of my demise?
I wrote this on Kibbutz Beit Haemek (Isreal) in 1996. In fact I’ve just found my little book of poetry I wrote back then so I’ll publish the ones which might be comprehensible.  I promise I haven’t edited anything, it stands as it was, scribbled down in a Volunteer’s hut. If I go about changing words here and there, it would lose it’s history even though I am tempted in places to ‘improve’ it, it must remain untarnished. Nowadays those carefree years seem an age away and many miles to boot but it’s apt for the present too,  as human anxieties don’t disappear as the hair on one’s head might..


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One response to “In Limbo

  1. Forrester McLeod


    I really like your poetry and am super glad you didn’t censor it. Your soundtrack of life is a cool idea too. Wish I knew more of the music you refer to. You remain mostly a mystery. Ha!

    I’ll have to check back in.


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