What is success in life?

Money is usually high on or top of most people’s lists as a criteria of success in life.  I beg to differ. This isn’t because I don’t have much but rather that I don’t think life can be measured by statistics.

If I were a highly motivated and ambitious person I’m sure I could have gone out of my way to become rich and influential. I don’t doubt my inherent abilities and I don’t see others as being particularly more clever than myself, it really comes down to desire. Are people really born ‘ruthless’ or ‘driven’? I doubt it, they probably are trying to prove or better themselves. But how can you better yourself? I am what I am, not what I do for a living.

We learn at college and university about being ‘ambitious’ and that it’s a positive quality. We’re taught to deliver maximum impact responses in job interviews about how we wish to rise up the career ladder, take on responsibility and manage teams. No thank you, I don’t fancy these things very much. These ‘improvements’ imply spending more time in the office.  I do my regular job purely to earn enough money to do the things I enjoy outside of working hours. I give as much quality service as  befits my salary. It’s tit for tat.

You could avoid this situation by doing what you love the best as your job, alas playing a hotch-potch of amateur sports and chatting to friends won’t pull me in a huge wad at the end of the month.

So back to the title and what I think is the only true measure of  your purpose to be here on the planet…. babies

Yes, I am completely serious, there doesn’t seem to be any other logical reason for us to be alive other than continuing the gene line and prolonging the life of our species.

We’re all in it together and this is our primary role on planet Earth. Once you’ve managed at least one sprog then you can sit back with glass of wine and consider your work done.

So just ignore the company’s profit and loss account, the annual turnover, your end of year bonus, your scratch card winnings and your pension scheme – they are largely irrelevent  in the grand scheme of things.

To wrap things up then, I have to conclude that so far my life is a failure. I haven’t contributed to the gene pool. This could change of course but it is my only real natural obligation as a human being and should be all that is expected of me.



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9 responses to “What is success in life?

  1. I’m sorry to disagree.
    But is it right to produce children if you’re not sure if you can give them a financially secured future?

  2. tigercity

    Hi pochp,

    I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but it’s inherent in us all so you can’t take away this basic instinct from people. What you’re implying is that most of Africa shouldn’t reproduce then. I feel that would be unfair. We are all born equal with the same human rights. I’m ‘lucky’ I was born in the UK and haven’t known the types of hardship others suffer.

    And isn’t this financial argument pointing to the fact that human society has developed around monetary values. It’s as if we are forced into this system. But look at other animals – they have similar DNA but they survive and flourish, develop their own communities and interact. They don’t need cash to feed their offspring and they don’t need fee-paying schools to educate them either.

    What harms them most is us – the humans who overwhelm other species through greed. We destroy the environment with our unnecessary technology and plunder it’s resources out of existence.

    It shouldn’t be like this – we should have more than enough to all live together. We are living beyond our means and taking our co-habitants on the planet down with us.

    Your question – justifiable in this day and age I’ll grant you – however only serves to highlight what has gone wrong in our society.

  3. Ok Tiger I see your point.
    I’m just a Filipino (Philippines). And in my country, some parents murder their own children and most abandon them because of poverty, i.e., they produced children without financial planning.
    I hope you see my point and I’ll be glad to hear your feedback negative or positive.

  4. Btw, I’d like to answer the title of your post:
    ‘What is success in life?’
    In my humble opinion, success in life is being able to do anything you want that’s not ethically unnatural.

  5. tigercity


    I certainly agree with your credo, it works from a personal point of view. If I can do whatever I want to the best of my ability – that’s freedom. If I’m able to do this, then that’s personal success. My post is written from a point of view of our species – that’s to say we must reproduce. The bottom line.

  6. Ok Tiger. As I’ve said before, I see your point as the bottomline and I agree.

  7. Jim Andris

    Here’s something to think about. What if you produce 12 kids and your species dies out? Maybe our first purpose is to promote the (well considered) survival of the species. Here’s a voting analogy. My neighbor goes out and votes for McCain and is proud of his vote. I go out and campaign 3 months for Obama and stir up at least 10 votes. But I don’t vote. Obama gets elected. Now who had the most success? Me or my neighbor?

  8. Jim- I actually experienced your example. I campaigned (not in US),
    didn’t vote, and my candidate won.
    I think I’m more successful because my campaigning wasn’t wasted.

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