All my world is wrong

Lyrics to a song I wrote in February.  All I’ve got to do is learn the guitar in order to play it. Having said that I don’t have a singing voice although I have the tune in my head..

Where are the dreams we had?
Why are the times so bad?
What became of you and me?
Why do I cry out loud
and duck into the crowd?
What price to pay for liberty?

I don’t profess to know the answers
The little bird that sang has gone
I don’t remember even dancing
When all my world
When all my world is wrong

Where are the photos now?
Why are the flowers bowed?
Did I forget to give them juice?
Why have the smiles faded?
Our waterfall wasted
All in pursuit of cutting loose


When did I close my eyes?
And seek a greater prize?
Is this persistent restlessness?
Why can’t we go back there
And show we really care
Would this fill the emptiness?




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4 responses to “All my world is wrong

  1. derya neesam

    Nice try lyrics:) i think that song has a good potential, what’s the name of this song?

  2. ichabod

    Hi tigercity;

    You are talented.

    I relate to your song very well and don’t worry about the voice.

    Many with not so good voices became superstars, because their soul carried the tune.

    It’s what is in the heart that counts, why it counts no one know.

    Like you, I admit know one knows. That in itself is mystery enough to make it interesting, what do you think 🙂

  3. tigercity


    The name is the title ‘All my world is wrong’.. Maybe I’ll hear it sung one day, that would be nice. But it’s positive feedback here so I’ll try some more. It isn’t automatic though cos it just comes to me sometimes. I wrote that song in the early morning, in fact I couldn’t sleep for a long time – it was quite exciting, I thought ‘Wow, that seems pretty good’ and I sang it to myself many times…and then I had to get up and write the words down, because if I had waited til morning I’d have forgotten.. terrible memory.

  4. tigercity


    Thanx for the uplifting comments, I’m never going to be a superstar! But I think we all can come up with something inspired now and again. You’ve just got to seize the moment I suppose, don’t let it pass you by.. get it down on paper and work on it.. then put it out for a test..

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